How to see through Marked Playing Cards with Infrared Contact Lenses and Poker Sunglasses

Overview There was a time when the fate of every poker game was in the hands of luck. When it favored the players they won, otherwise they lost. Then the players learned to use logic and experience to win jackpots. Then they mastered the art of cheating! Now, it is the age of the marked card deck and infrared contact lenses. What are Marked Cards – Infrared Ink Technology? The sets of marked card deck are unique because the cards…

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Coating Thickness Gauges – Very Essential Tools

Paving thickness gauges are very essential tools used in industrial applications of various kinds for measuring the thickness of paints together with other materials. The thickness of a particular product often is required to be maintained as per pre-determined quality standards in order to make it created for customers. For this reason manufacturers often have to use these devices to keep track of most of their product quality and to ensure that it is of the correct breadth. These devices…

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