There was a time when the fate of every poker game was in the hands of luck. When it favored the players they won, otherwise they lost. Then the players learned to use logic and experience to win jackpots. Then they mastered the art of cheating! Now, it is the age of the marked card deck and infrared contact lenses.

What are Marked Cards – Infrared Ink Technology?

The sets of marked card deck are unique because the cards contain an invisible infrared ink on their back. No normal eyes can see them. The card makers print numbers, symbols, and card values. Only the pair of infrared contact lenses can see and read all the details secretly.

Now, you may be interested to know how they help you in winning the stakes. It is very simple, because you can predict the outcome of every “round” in the game to precision. You will know the cards on hand of your opponents and the “hands” they make out of them.

An understanding of these details gives you an insight into their card needs and the cards they may discard while playing. You can adjust the hands on your own cards according to your winning needs within a few minutes.

Making of winning hands before the opponents is a challenging task in poker. The players wait patiently for the others to drop the needed cards or the required cards to come up from the deck. It is a time-consuming process.

You don’t have to wait for the fortunes to come to your rescue. You can use the combination of logic and the cheating ways of marked card deck to make your winning hands before the other opponents are half-way through.

The infrared ink technology makes it easy to scan cards within seconds. It is important because you have so many cards to read and understand their value and impact on the game. You should also know the strategy of opponents. marked cards sunglasses

Seeing Through Cards– Very Important Factor

You know that infrared rays can pass through solid objects of relative thickness. You also know that they are harmless to human eyes. But what you didn’t know was the fact that they can convey vital data about objects like the marked card deck.

Since the rays are invisible to normal eyes, you will need a special medium to see and read the messages they carry. With the infrared contact lenses you can read the numbers, symbols, and value of marked cars. 

The pairing of cards on the opponents’ hands can often hide the infrared ink marks. But you can still see and read them clearly. Your opponents will have no idea about how the lenses have transformed your eyes into those of an eagle.


With the help of marked card deck infrared contact lenses, you not only read the marking, but also predict the winners and see the player ranking in order in your mind’s inner eyes. It is something that helps you to keep winning poker games and betting in gambling.