Genuinely into this subject have seen recently, interest rates have dropped over the past few weeks. While this trend doesn’t affect our firm’s long-term investment process, it does provide many of you with some important financial setting up considerations, especially if you have a mortgage on your home (or homes).

Rock bottom interest rates make now a good time to consider refinance mortgage south carolina . Just like, I bought a house back in December of 2015 and it appears to be like I may be able to refinance down by. 50% already. On the 30-year time frame, that can be a significant difference in interest payments.

Towards shed more light on the current mortgage environment, When i checked in with Ryan Hall, Vice President of Paoli-based Excel in life Mortgage Corp, who has seen a lot of activity lately assigned the change in rates. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to review your current mortgage situation.

Patrick Runyen: Ryan, what’s happen to be happening with U. S. interest rates since “Brexit”?

Thomas Hall: The initial impact of Brexit was a sharp turn down in mortgage rates, between 0. 25 percent and 0. 5 percent, depending on the type of loan. All in all, rates are attractive right now.

PR: What does that mean for home owners through mortgages?

RH: It has provided a great opportunity for homeowners towards refinance at historically low rates. For some, it might simply just mean replacing their old 30-year fixed mortgage with a new 30-year fixed mortgage in order to lower their monthly payments. For others, it’s an opportunity to refinance to a shorter term and shave years off their current loan. And for those who are thinking of buying a new home, today’s low rates may enable clients to increase their price range.

PR: When should a homeowner take into consideration refinancing?

RH: This depends on each individual homeowner’s situation and even goals, but most people look to save at least a quarter for one-percent (0. 25%) on their interest rate. Again, every prroperty owner has different circumstances and needs. Before beginning a refinancing approval, have a discussion with a qualified advisor to make sure all of your options are thought to be given your unique situation.

PR: What is a typical out of bank cost for refinancing?

RH: Actually, the majority of the refinances that handle have NO out of pocket expense. This doesn’t mean there can be no costs associated with refinancing. There are always certain stuff such as title insurance, appraisal, recording fees, etc . But , these costs can be offset through something called a “lender credit. ” For instance, if a lender is offering a 300 dollar, 000 30-year fixed loan at 3. 5 p . c


with $3, 500 in total prices, he or she might also offer 3. 75 percent rate that has a lender credit of $3, 500 to cover all of those expenditures. The payment difference is about $45 per month, so it would probably take about 6-½ years to “break even” via the lower rate. Depending on the individual homeowner’s situation, it might understand to take the higher rate with the lender credit than the lesser rate without the lender credit.