Countless online gamblers use card counting systems, some usage their incredible intellect to do the same. Still, others own re-written algorithms to out play the best of the our minds. Some of the most brilliant of folks love to play cards, mainly poker. And even someone that is extremely introverted as many mathematical mind are can play online.

So , if all these marketers of “human +” intelligence are testing their skill level and ability in online domino 99 gambling why don’t we use this as a selecting tool to help find the best and the brightest? We can pay them all what they are worth and have these mathematical minds help individuals move our civilization forward.

Thus, it makes sense to get fast paced on this project. Let’s write that program. What application? The one that allows us to watch the super poker players on line in real time and realize we are just watching behavior, skill, and skill. Games of probability seem to attract more significant IQ people often enough and also appear to resonate through mathematician type brains.

To test this program during the pre-launch point why not take it to colleges where high IQ trainees engage in poker in dorm rooms. Then, as an inducement invite them into the lab to play. Since they enjoy the adventure we will have lots of takers willing to help with this have fun. And because we already have these participants in person we can evaluation our systems viability against the results.

Once perfected we take this system and plug it into the a computer that looks after online gambling and we ought to be pretty good at finding the mathematical flaws amongst us? Think on this.